General Conditions


Orders are accepted by TECH TRADE S.R.L. only if received in the following modalities:

  • “On Line” through the Cart on the web site
  • “E-mail” to the address indicated on the web site
  • “Fax” to the number indicated on the web site

It is necessary to specify the quantity, code and product description. The prices indicated are errors and omissions excepted and net of VAT. Orders placed in this way are binding to the subsequent purchase of the goods.

It is advisable to place orders “On Line” to be updated in real-time regarding pricing, available quantities, promotions, news, etc. Also note that prices are subject to change without notice even during the same day given the extreme volatility in the prices of components.

Order sent via web will give precedence on product availability (allocation priority) and will block the price unless significant changes in price lists, promotions expire, and while stocks last.

The invoiced goods cannot be returned: in the presence of errors attributable to TECH TRADE S.R.L. send notice within 2 days from reception of goods via e-mail; the reference manager will verify the information and manage the operation of the re-entry procedure.


TECH TRADE S.R.L. ships only through their couriers. Remember that the possibility of adding other products to orders that have already been processed is not foreseen.

Transportation costs

TECH TRADE S.R.L. benefits from special agreements in order to ensure very low shipment costs. Rates are calculated based on the weight / volume ratio for both bulk and pallet shipments. When ordering, the customer will receive a confirmation email of its shipment which explains the tracking. Delivery is guaranteed by the courier in 24/48 h. excluding weekends, public holidays and exceptional events.

TECH TRADE S.R.L. is not liable for any delays, damage, theft or loss that may occur during the transportation of the material to / from its headquarters.

Insurance covering theft or loss is applied only upon customer’s request. The rate is calculated according to the value of the shipment and subsequently communicated by phone or email.

For shipments abroad the amount will be agreed by phone or mail order confirmation.

Any costs of storage for wrong recipient or failure to receive or acceptance of the goods are borne by the customer, to whom an invoice will be issued for such costs.

IMPORTANT! In case of contestation of the shipment for missing or tampered parcels (without the tape of the original packaging) or damaged products, it will be considered only if the customer, upon reception of the goods, has written on the Courier’s waybill that he/she reserves the right to check and has the driver sign the document, and making sure that all documents reach the Company via e-mail no later than two working days (after reception of goods).

The Customer shall transmit to TECH TRADE S.R.L. the documentation of the reserve signed by the Courier with a list of missing material and, in case of tampered packaging and / or damaged product, its photos.

Only after reviewing the documentation TECH TRADE S.R.L. can proceed by activating the procedure regarding such accidents with the courier and after receiving approval it will give start to the compensation procedure for the damage under the terms, conditions and values established by the Courier; conversely, if the transport was also covered by INSURANCE, conditions and values will be those established by the insurance company.

After delivery, if the material does not match the one listed in the delivery document (delivery note / invoice), the customer must send within 48 hours a copy of the receipt with the note best describing the problem and will subsequently be contacted by TECH TRADE S.R.L. after it has  carried out its entire checking procedure.

The Customer, upon notice, may require that the shipments are carried out in ex works with its own courier; in this case, the goods travel at the risk of the recipient and TECH TRADE S.R.L. disclaims any liability on the service of couriers with which it does not work with.

In any case, delays by couriers are not attributable to the company TECH TRADE S.R.L.

Payment conditions

TECH TRADE S.R.L. applies the following payment conditions:

FIRST ORDER: Bank wire transfer before shipment: the customer must prepare the transfer of the same amount indicated in the proforma invoice and send a copy which shows the transaction code. Once the amount is accredited to the designated account, TECH TRADE S.R.L. will proceed with the shipment of the order.

(Banca Popolare di Novara Fil. di Pozzuoli – Iban: IT64Z0503440101000000004208)

FOLLOWING ORDERS: From the fourth order onward payment conditions may be agreed upon if TECH TRADE S.R.L. obtains a secured line of credit.


The Company TECH TRADE S.R.L. accepts no responsibility for causes not dependent on its work and / or will. Marketed products are guaranteed by the company TECH TRADE S.R.L. for 2 years from the invoice date. The warranty involves the replacement of defective products.

Yielded cartridges must be in perfect condition, returned in its original packaging. It is necessary to attach a test print showing the defect in order to allow rapid identification of problems and therefore the acceptance of the return; the same does not apply in case of incorrect handling of the product, and in the absence of the warranty sticker. (Download the return form). Please remember that for any disputes the exclusive jurisdiction is the Court of Naples.

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